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2018/19 subscriptions ended at 09.00 on May 1.

We hope your examinations have gone/are going well and all your hard work has paid off.

2019-20 subscriptions begin on 27 May 2019.

New website

Please note that the Higher Politics content on this site will be taken down on 27/5/19.

Updated resources for Higher Politics will be available on a new site on this date and, if you renew or subscribe before 28 June 2019, your subscription entitles you to access. 

After this date, the cost for the Higher Politics site will be the same as for modernity.scot (£200 per institution), which will be purely Modern Studies.

Modernity Scotland provides resources for Modern Studies; from National 4 to Advanced Higher and Higher Politics.

Subscribing institutions receive access to the site's content which has articles on all the mainstream issues within Modern Studies, including a range of interactive power point presentations, ideal for classroom and home study.

Modernity Scotland is an SQA approved provider of Higher Politics.

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Contact John McTaggart on any issue regarding the teaching and learning of Modern Studies and Politics.

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