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 2018 - 19 Subscriptions

The 2018-19 site contains course content and advice and guidance for the revised course arrangements for Higher Modern Studies and Politics as well as some other new features.

The updated Powerpoints are being added on to the site for download.

So far there's new USA and Scottish/UK Politics, Social Inequality, Crime and the Law, Terrorism and Underdevelopment Powerpoints.

China and South Africa soon.

Higher Modern Studies Prelim Paper

We've a new Higher Prelim paper, available now put together by myself (John McTaggart) and Gordon Black.

Cost, £50 inc postage delivered to you securely.


Powerpoints are provided for Modern Studies and Politics courses and are available to subscribers for download.

These are updated in the August of the academic year.

Political Issues, Social Issues and the USA have so far been updated for the new Higher Modern Studies course from 2018-19 onwards.