Powerpoints update

I’m not telling teachers how to teach their Higher classes!

All I do is put resources out there which I hope will assist teachers and pupils cover the mandatory content.

I know how incredibly busy teachers are. Modern Studies teachers have this extra responsibility to update what they teach (as well as how they teach) a responsibility teachers of other subjects just don’t have.

Hence why modernityscotland provides a bespoke service, something which hopefully is the ‘go to’ place for reliable content for busy teachers.

What is definitely the case is that SQA’s Marking Instructions for Higher Modern Studies ask for a “range of relevant knowledge” which is “accurate, relevant, up-to-date“.

So, this is my task for each Section of the Course.

These are the Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom Powerpoints which are available on the site.

Jut to take one example, Participation. Questions tend to be framed around the issue of why some pressure groups are more successful than others. So, the Powerpoint (and the associated Article on the website) discusses issues such as outsider and insider groups, the power of the establishment, professional and business groups (the CBI, Business for Scotland), the media, examples of campaigns such as the Hillsborough campaigners, No to Named Person, Fans Against Criminalisation, Twitter influencers, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, and much more.

Even the old Joanna Lumley Gurkha campaign which is getting on a bit but is still just a brilliant example of how people can change government policy.

Moving on from the SQA Results

Maybe your results were great, maybe not so great.

Whatever, if you respond the right way, this is an opportunity not a problem.

Maybe you did well and need just one more Higher.

Maybe you didn’t work as hard as you should have and you need a second chance.

You can do Higher Politics with us, the door is open.

Get in touch!