Doing Higher Politics with us

There’s not many organisations outwith schools and colleges who offer Highers.

We’re genuinely quite unique in offering a mainstream school subject in a non traditional way.

You may be in S5, need another Higher but your school option choices don’t suit.

You may be in S6 and need to pick up another Higher.

You may be in S6 and find AH Modern Studies just too big an ask.

If so, Higher Politics with us could work.

What do you get?

  • access to all the online articles in our Higher Politics course
  • all the powerpoints in our Higher Politics course
  • all the audio powerpoints in our Higher Politics course
  • regular Zoom “catch up” classes
  • a full prelim marked, with feedback
  • presented for the SQA Higher Politics Assignment
  • presented for the SQA Higher Politics exam
  • an SQA award exactly the same as any school or college presentation

You sit the assignment and exam here in Aberdour, Fife at the Woodside Hotel.

This year, all our candidates passed Higher Politics. A 100% pass rate.

In fact, every year since our first presentation in 2014 not one of our candidates has failed Higher Politics.

There is a lot of talk about the “attainment gap” and the better opportunities more affluent youngsters have.

The cost of taking Higher Politics with us is just £20 per month. If you/your child is in receipt of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), there is no cost at all for your tuition or resources*

So, why not pick up an extra Higher. It could make all the difference to your uni application. You might even enjoy Higher Politics!

How Higher Politics works

I’m doing a Zoom class on Sunday 30 August at 6pm for all those interested in taking Higher Politics with us. Please email me if you’d like to attend.

Contact us.

*There is a charge of £45 (2020 fee) which SQA charges for exam presentation and there could be a small charge for an exam invigilator, depending on presentation numbers.