A New Term

August 9, 2019
Category: Blog

Is that summer over?

Did we have one?

Schools in Scotland are trickling back, one local authority at a time.

The SQA results are being processed and, as always, some people are happier than others at the their results.

Modern Studies is never dull and there is always new developments to analyse.

This is an update on what modernityscotland has been up to over the summer and what we’ll provide this academic year.

New website

This one. It is a complete Learning Management System for Higher Politics. It contains;

online text based articles

appropriate video clips for the various topics in the course

audio powerpoints


a workbook to practise exam questions

Drop in Saturdays for those taking Higher Politics with us or with a school/college. We start on Saturday August 17 and it is not too late to join, even if you can’t make this date.

Modern Studies content is being added, with the intention that, in due course, this will be the site to use rather than the old modernity.scot site, which will be phased out.

Without getting too geeky about this, the new site, this one, is a WordPress site with a lot more functionality than the old one, which was a Joomla site. It offers much more than the old one. Please bear with us as you get used to it. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

All the Articles and Powerpoints are being updated and new content is being added every day. The joys of Modern Studies!

Schools/colleges have the options of subscribing to the Politics or the Modern Studies site, or both.

Prelim Papers

We’re working on Higher Prelim papers for Modern Studies (with Gordon Black) and for Politics. Details soon.

Higher Modern Studies book

Likewise, this really exciting book, again with Gordon Black, in the style of the Politics one will be out before the end of the year. Ideally, for the Modern Studies Association conference in November at the Scottish Parliament.