Group Memberships

May 7, 2020
Category: Blog

One of the best features of the new site is the Group Membership.

Say, Nicedayhighschool takes out a subscription to Higher Modern Studies and has 30 pupils.

The teacher, let’s say, Mr Jones, is responsible for Modern Studies.

He informs me he has 30 pupils doing Higher Modern Studies when taking out the subscription.

I then create a group for that school and qualification, make Mr Jones the group leader and allocate him 30 users.

Mr Jones has his unique log in as Group Leader.

When Mr Jones logs in he is directed to the Group Registration Page.

Mr Jones would like all his 30 pupils to have their own account and log in, so he adds in each pupil’s name and email address and creates them as Users.

The pupil receives an email from Modernity Scotland inviting them to join.

The pupil creates their own log in details and can access the Course.


Mr Jones can now direct this pupils or any specific pupil to a particular article.

He could give out a task.

EG Go to Crime and the Law, Article Responses to Crime and make a Point Explanation Example.

The pupil goes to the article and makes the note. This can be kept by the pupil for future revision.

At any point Mr Jones can look up the Report and see who has completed various tasks and who hasn’t.

Within each course (AH Modern Studies, H Modern Studies, H Politics and Nat 5 Modern Studies) all the Sections of all of the courses are covered.

Within each Section there is content on all the bullet points in the Course Spec.

All the exam question styles are explained with examples.

It is possible for the pupil work their way through the entire course at a pace which suits them. Mr Jones can see their progress. The pupil can see their progress.