Higher Politics

Higher Politics is a rewarding and highly regarded SQA Higher, ideal for those considering a university course in Social Sciences or Law.

Paper One

Lasts 1 hour 45 minutes, has three Sections. There are 12 and 20 mark questions which test knowledge and analysis of

Section 1 Political Theory

We study Conservatism, Socialism and Concepts of Democracy.

Section 2 Political Systems

We compare the UK and USA constitutions, legislatures and executives.

Section 3 Political Parties and Elections

We study theories of voting behaviour and political campaign management.

Paper One is worth 52 marks.

Paper Two Source Based Questions

Lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.

Paper Two is comprised of Source based questions involving the skills of evaluating and analysing political text and data which we will prepare you for.

There are two questions:

Question 1: The Comparison Question is about comparing information about political theories or systems.

Question 2: The Viewpoint Question is about interpreting, evaluating and synthesising a wide range of electoral data.

The Comparison question is worth 8 marks and consists of two sources, and The Viewpoint question is worth 20 marks and consists of up to seven sources.

Sources may be written, numerical, graphical or pictorial.

This paper is worth 28 marks.

The Higher Politics Assignment

The Higher Politics Assignment is out of 30 marks.

In the Higher Politics Assignment the learner chooses a political issue in which there is some debate.

The learner then researches the issue and ‘writes up’ during the ‘production of evidence stage’ a report on his/her findings within the school/college under supervised conditions.

The ‘production of evidence’ stage will last up to 90 minutes.

As well as knowledge of the issue, the learner should apply Politics skills of researching, analysing, evaluating and synthesising information from a wide range of political sources.

Learners can use one single sided sheet of A4 paper (containing no more than 250 words) known as ‘Research Evidence’ to assist them in writing the report.

While the research phase can take place at any time of the academic year, the ‘write up’ is a school/college decision normally taken once the teacher is convinced that learners have completed their research and are ready.

The completed assignment must be completed and posted to SQA by the presenting school/college by a date set by SQA, normally around Easter time.

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