There is a SQA Higher in Politics?

Yes. In 2016 there were 782  and in 2017 982 Higher Politics candidates.

Is Higher Politics different from Higher Modern Studies?

Yes. The units have different content. For example, there is little Political Theory in Higher Modern Studies.

Also, there is no comparative politics in Higher Modern Studies. Higher Politics also looks at issues in a much longer time frame than Modern Studies does.

What do you need to do to pass?

Like the other social sublects. get an A, B or C in the externally assessed SQA assessments; exam and assignment.

What does Modernityscotland do?

Two things.

Firstly, Modernityscotland provides resources and training for teachers of Higher Politics who offer Higher Politics through their school/college.

Secondly, Modernityscotland is an approved SQA provider of Higher Politics.

This means we can teach, assess and present our own candidates for Higher Politics, like any other school/college.