National 5 Modern Studies

The Question Paper

Lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. Has three Sections.

  • Section 1 Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
  • Section 2 Social Issues in the United Kingdom
  • Section 3 International Issues

Within each Section there is a choice.

You should know which one you will answer questions on.

Knowledge questions are 4, 6 or 8 marks.

Section 1 Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom

The place of Scotland within the UK political system or the UK Political system.

Section 2 Social Issues in the United Kingdom

Social Inequality or Crime and the Law

Section 3 International Issues

A World Power or a World Issue.

Source based questions

There are three Source based questions, each of which is worth 10 marks.

  • Drawing conclusions . . .
  • Deciding which option to recommend
  • Explain why the view . . . is supported or opposed

This paper is worth 80 marks.

The National 5 Assignment

In the National 5 Modern Studies Assignment the learner chooses a social/political issue that refers to a contemporary political, social or international issue.

The learner then researches the issue and ‘writes up’ during the ‘production of evidence stage’ a report on his/her findings within the school/college under supervised conditions.

The ‘production of evidence’ stage will last up to 90 minutes.

As well as knowledge of the issue, the learner should apply Modern Studies skills of evaluating the effectiveness of two research methods used, commenting on their strengths and weaknesses where appropriate and reaching a well-supported conclusion, supported by evidence, about the
topic or issue.

Learners can use no more than two single sided sheets of A4 paper known as the ‘Research Sheet’ to assist them in writing the report.

The research sheet should show evidence of primary or secondary research carried out by the candidate.

The research sheet should not take the form of a ‘plan’ as this is likely to encourage direct copying, which gains no marks.

While the research phase can take place at any time of the academic year, the ‘write up’ is a school/college decision normally taken once the teacher is convinced that learners have completed their research and are ready.

The completed assignment must be completed and posted to SQA by the presenting school/college by a date set by SQA, normally around Easter time.

The National 5 Modern Studies Assignment is worth 20 marks.

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